Quick imposition tools for CorelDRAW and Summa Vinyl Cutter
Prototype version only
Release soon


Stickers Imposition

Short demonstration of how to create an entire ready to export multipage imposition in seconds.

Business Cards Imposition

An example of creating business card imposition on SRA3 sheet format.


Step and Repeat

Allows to impose an item and spread it on a single sheet or several sheets nested together.

Sort and Margin

Separates Cut and Print layers for stickers, removes empty layers and sets a margin around the shapes.

Sort all Pages

Memorizes data of a selected shape according to specified properties and performs "Sort" operation on every single page. Useful when working with many various stickers in one document.


Trim feature allows to get rid of unnecessary contents from outside of the project and specify a bleed size.

Spread Shapes

Spreads every single shape or group of shapes onto separate pages. Useful when importing many documents into one.

Crop Marks

Creates Crop Marks for manual cutting.

Merge Sheets

Once various sheets are created, this allows to nest them together. Useful when working with many low quantity repetitions.

Semi Cut Lines

This feature allows creating Single Cut Lines for solid background rectangle stickers. The order and directions of those lines are designed to minimize the time of cutting process with Summa Vinyl Cutter.


This feature adds Print Marks for banner Eyelets and calculates a distance between them.