Print industry essential for CorelDRAW
What is SQTools?

SQTools is a CorelDRAW addon containing tools that help with DTP processing files in the print industry.

SQTools #Prepare SQTools #Impose SQTools #Marks SQTools #Info

Step and repeat imposition
Split into sheets option
Step and Repeat

Print marks generators
crop marks | banner eyelets | summa opos markers | round markers | etc.

Sort print and cut layer tool
Sort Layers

Set cutlines order to S-snake pattern algorithm
reducing cut process time
Snake Pattern

Semi cutline algorithm
reducing cut process time
Semi Cut Line

Single click page tools
Single Click Entire Page Rotation

Page merge/duplicate tools
print and cut layers remain sorted
Merge Pages and Duplicate Content

Page name helper
Set Page Names and Add Hints

Find all objects with specified parameters on multiple pages
for sort/select/delete purposes
Memorize Curve and Delete from all Pages

Download SQTools v1.1008b (257 KB)
Download a Toolbar Icon - right click and Save link as... (568 KB)

Please make sure you have CorelDRAW with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) installed.
To check this run CorelDRAW, goto Tools > Macros and see you have options there available.

  1. Download SQTools and Toolbar icon from above.
  2. Locate the CorelDraw GMS directory under following path: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite XX\Draw\GMS
    (Show hidden files, folders, and drives checkbox in folder options must be enabled).
    Hint: type %appdata% in your explorer path field to get to AppData\Roaming directory.
  3. Place downloaded SQT.gms file into the GMS folder.
  4. Run CorelDRAW.
  5. Show Options window CTRL+J, goto Customization > Commands > select Macros from dropdown list.
  6. Find sqTools.run and drag'n'drop it on convenient place in your workspace.
  7. Add the Toolbar icon to your SQTools button, goto Appearence tab > Import dropdown list > File and select downloaded sqt_ico.bmp


User manual will appear here in a future.


This project is still on very early stage. You can help me with developing it by sending a donation: